Can ImageStats also return the v_sum value?

Could ImageStats also return the v_sum value (as with WaveStats)? It seems otherwise that we are forced to use ImageTransform sumPlane or a MatrixOP method. The latter approach becomes especially cumbersome when needing to apply it using an RoIMask.

My primary need is to be able to calculate flux values (intensity/area) in regions defined by a marquee drawn over an image.

If you use the built-in dialog, the sum value is listed in the table.  If you are using the operation in a procedure you can get the sum from:

Print v_avg*v_npnts

In answering a question to myself, I will add the (probably) obvious note that both v_avg and v_npnts exclude values such as NANs, and INFs so that AG's suggestion does provide the total for valid data.  Which is probably what you (and everyone else) would want.