Displaying the folder size (in byte) of data folder within Igor Pro

Sorry if I missed, would it be possible to display the total size (in byte) of the contained waves when a data folder is highlighted?
Sometime an experiment grows really big but much of its contain may not be needed anymore.

If I can tell which folder contains the biggest waves I may then be able to trim the experiment file more easily.

Right click on the header of the object list in the Data Browser and enable showing of the size column. You might need to right click again and choose one of the resize items so it's easier to see the contents of the Size column.

SeeĀ https://www.wavemetrics.com/news/get-know-feature-dialog-wave-browser for a more detailed explanation.

You may need to disable the "Load child objects on demand" setting in the Data Browser category of the Misc->Miscellaneous Settings dialog. Unless this is disabled, the Data Browser will try its best not to load information on data folders it doesn't need to inspect. This improves performance but will result in "--" being shown in the size column in those cases.