Find Text in Multiple Windows improvement

I use this tool frequently. It is extremely useful for me. 

I wonder, if we could get in Options ability to ignore search in commented lines / after comment sign. I often search for text which I am commenting out and ability to scope down to only uncommented cases would be helpful. It should be just running output list through one more filter at the end before posting it in results window, I hope.   

And for future Igor (10 or higher) (I think I already asked for this) ability to have either Grep or at least some combination search options. At least Text1.AND.Text2, Text*, *Text, Text1.OR.Text2 or something similar. 

Yeah, I've wanted the ability to use grep expressions, too. Too late for Igor 9, as it would require quite a bit of work.

As for ignoring comments, that is probably one step too far. If all comments started with // at the beginning of the line, it would be relatively easy. But comments can start at some arbitrary point within a line. Yeah, I know, everything after the comment // is a comment and can be ignored. But Find in Multiple Windows can search formatted notebooks, unformatted notebooks, help windows and procedure windows. Do you ignore comments in a formatted notebook?

I will keep these things in mind for Igor 10.