HDF5 fixed length string data AKA char

Requested directly, but recorded here also for addition to the wishlist.

I would like the ability to optionally save fixed length HDF5 string data (1 character wide), I suppose by setting another bit of the HDF5SaveData /OPTS flag. The user should probably handle wether the text wave they are supplying contains fixed width single character data, though I'm not sure it matters.

I would like this to be able to create CHAR type netCDF-4 data to handle string data. Variable length data like strings are not allowed in netCDF-4 classic model, only fixed length (i.e. arrays of characters) are allowed.  

@thomas_braun - yes for sure as a new option, not affecting existing functionality. HDF5SaveData will be the most optioned operation within Igor surely, it probably already is!

I don't know of any usage of fixed width character data where the width is greater than 1, doesn't mean there isn't one. The 1 char wide data type is primarily to accommodate Fortran users though there are countless usage cases I haven't thought about or come across.

UPDATE: hrodstein has added a new flag /STRF to the HDF5SaveData and HDF5SaveGroup operations in Igor 9 build 37590.

This new flag gives control of the length, padding, and character set used when creating HDF5 text datasets or attributes.

As always, many, many thanks to Howard for all his effort in accommodating new feature requests.