HDF5 scalar variables

I almost daren't ask given the number of HDF5 requests I've made (and very gratefully had granted) but here goes....

As per the title, the ability to write HDF5 variables in a scalar dataspace would be nice - would also make it easy to distinguish when loading data what should be interpreted as a variable/string or a wave. 

I've discovered it is possible to kluge your way into creating a scalar double variable (or a slightly iffy string/char variable) using HDF5SaveGroup, however I would prefer a way to create all the different datatypes and less iffy string/char variables (using the /STRF option).

I've found this wish has been fulfilled in Igor 9.01 though It doesn't appear in the list of changes, only by accident when investigating the HDF5SaveData /ENUM flag.

Presumably thanks to hrodstein.

The /ENUM flag was actually added at the last minute due to my nagging (also at the last minute). It is one of only two additional improvements after the official beta. See here: https://www.wavemetrics.com/news/igor-pro-901-released

By the way, if you want to write scalar parameters, you rather want to use the /OPTS flag by setting bit 1, which is also a new feature of the update. Many thanks to Howard for swiftly adding these features.