LoadWave dialog options

Pursuant to http://www.igorexchange.com/node/1478, it would be useful for the LoadWave dialog to come with more options, for example a checkbox to apply the /M flag. I, for one, more often load my data as a matrix then as a bunch of 1D waves, and it may be common enough that others would find it useful. Other useful checkboxes corresponding to flags would be /G and /J, especially if they updated the preview pane of the LoadWave dialog as they were checked/unchecked.

These options are in the Data->Load Waves->Load Waves dialog (Ctrl-L).

It's not practical to allow changing them once the operation has started execution.

The four items below Load Waves in the Data->Load Waves submenu provide shortcuts that bypass the Load Waves dialog and use default settings. We perhaps should not have provided the "Load General Text" and "Load Delimited Text" shortcuts and required people to go through the Load Waves dialog instead.