Merge Experiment Without Loading Procedure File

I've just discovered the MERGEEXPERIMENT queue operation. It will be a great addition now to the SnapIt package --- THANKS!!!!

Could it be modified so as to have a method to merge without also loading the experiment procedure file, for example ...

// merge without including procedure file from experiment
Execute/P MERGEEXPERIMENT/Q filename

This will save the hassle of having to clean up the procedure file after loading a few dozen snap shot experiments in to one.

Thanks again!
Thanks. Actually, with further use of this, my wish now is ...

 // print to history, include procedures (default as current)
 // do not print to history (quiet), include procedures
// print to history, do not include procedures
// do not print to history, do not include procedures

The "P" flag could also be something else (perhaps Z or N or ...) that more intuitively means "do not" (because the presence of "P" seems rather to imply to include procedures rather than not do include them -- or, you could break with backward compatibility in this case and have the default be _NOT_ to include procedures with a "P" flag required to mean to include them).

J. J. Weimer
Chemistry / Chemical & Materials Engineering, UAHuntsville