Suggested Function: InRange

There are situations where some points in a "destination" wave fall outside of that of the "source" wave. One example is when the destination wave is a rotated version of the source wave. In these situations the following code will throw an error:

destination = source(x)(y)

In some situations, the outlier points are irrelevant, and it is OK to set them to some default value (e. g., NaN). In these cases, it would be nice to have a function that calculates whether a specific value is in range. This would allow you to write:

destination = (InRange(x, 0, source) && InRange(y, 1, source)) ? source(x)(y) : NaN // second argument is dimension

While this is not terribly difficult to program on one's own (see below), it would be a handy utility function.

Just a thought (and nice new website!),


Function InRange(yy, dim, wv)
variable yy, dim
wave wv

    variable yMax, yMin
    if(DimDelta(wv, dim) > 0)
        yMax = DimOffset(wv, dim) + (DimSize(wv, dim) - 1) * DimDelta(wv,dim)
        yMin = DimOffset(wv, dim)
        yMin = DimOffset(wv, dim) + (DimSize(wv, dim) - 1) * DimDelta(wv,dim)
        yMax = DimOffset(wv, dim)
    if((yy > yMin) && (yy < yMax))
        return 1
        return 0



Hi Melissa,

Is this something that can be handled by Interp2d()?