'Where is object used' panel, not popup

The 'Where is object used' (Right click on Data Folder, choose last item) feature is really nice and underrated.

It would be also nice to keep that window open while I dig through the places where the object is used.

So my request is to simply change the popup window to a panel.  OR, to just use a Window Browser.

If you select a single window in the Where is Object Used dialog, you can right click on the thumbnail and select Close Window.

You can also use the Window Browser to filter on windows containing a certain wave. Just click the wave popup at the bottom (normally it will show "_none_" there).

I did not want to use the Window Browser in place of the Where is Object Used dialog because I didn't want the current filtering state of the window browser to be lost in that situation, and I haven't implemented any sort of "go back to the last state" functionality.

If you already knew about the Close Window option in the contextual menu and that's not sufficient for your use case, I'd like to know more about why. Maybe something can be improved.

I agree, it would not be good to overwrite the current Window Browser (WB) state with the Where is Object Used (WOU) dialog. I was picturing a "second WB" but I know that's not really possible.

Here are example use case:

  1. data folders root:raw, root:averaged, root:ratios, etc etc. (10+ in root:, each with subfolders and many waves)
  2. while working in the root:averaged:run1:condition3: folder, right click a specific wave to locate graphs containing it
  3. the graphs contain waves from different DFs, so I need to actually click on and interact with the graphs to see which one I want -- I can't just look at the screenshot in the WOU dialog.

Another one:

  1. Open a table from the Windows menu
  2. Attempt to find a plot I know I created before --> right click the column, choose Browse Wave
  3. Browse takes me to the Data Browser (DB), so now I can right click and go to the WOU dialog... and again go to #3 above.

A third:

  1. Keep multiple WOU dialogs open to track what graphs contain which waves.  This is equivalent to desiring multiple WBs. 

I know the WB has a "filter by wave" feature but it's inconvenient -- if I am working from the DB, I don't want to repeat so many navigations.  

Maybe a simple solution is to simply add a dialog option so users can choose between WB and WOU when right clicking in the DB? Basically, creating a shortcut to the WB's wave filter *inside* the DB?

Hope this is helpful.  I really like the WB feature.