Wish for an easier way to put graph windows on layouts

My need is with the Image Tools package, although I might imagine this has broader use. A specific example: I can select a specific image in a stack. I can use AppendLayoutObject to put the image on a layout. When I move to another image plane in the stack, I cannot repeat the process to add the second graph (image) *because the graph window name has not changed*. It seems that I have to go through these steps for every new image displayed on the graph

* store the current image graph recreation macro
* strip out the code for adding the control bar and side panel
* create a new graph window
* put the new graph window on the layout
* hide the new graph window

One option might be to have a DuplicateGraph operation that avoids the need for programming acrobatics (as posted in numerous forum examples through the years).


/W - window
/X=0,1(default) - extract only the graph window (exclude all surrounding sub windows and panels)
/N - name

Another option might be to include a flag to AppendLayoutObject/E=0(default),1 where /E=1 puts the object on the layout in an embedded state (static/locked)

ps ... I just tried converting an image on a layout to an embedded. I get the message "Can't put controls in subgraph". Further investigations are ongoing.