RSS Feed with IgorExchange

I am trying out an implementation to read IgorExchange as an RSS feed. My setup is Firefox with the NewsFox plug-in. What I wonder about is the behavior when a forum post is updated by additional follow-ups. After I "touch" (ie read) the original posting, I do not ever see updates to the given posting as being recognized as "new".

Perhaps this is particular to NewFox/Firefox and an incorrect setting of its preferences. I would welcome suggestions for other implementations that do work properly (preferably within Firefox) and/or thoughts on whether follow-up postings to a notice on the IgorExchange forum should even reset the original posting as "updated" in an RSS feed sense in the first place. I would point out that, once I read the forum, it seems also to be marked automatically as having been read when I log in to IgorExchange formally via the standard Web interface.

On a side note for those folks doing package development as a team using SVN - the SVN log for the package read as an RSS feed does show all commit notices just to that package as new information (as Rick Gerkin and I have tested).

This is the expected behavior, because the RSS feed aggregates Drupal nodes, and a forum posting is a type of node. Follow ups to a forum post are comments, and comment's don't update the node itself because they are a separate entity that are only associated with the node (that is, the original forum posting). Being able to somehow subscribe to comments on a particular forum post, or on all forum posts, is on the wish list, but that's not something that's easily implemented using the version of Drupal the site is running and upgrading to a newer version of Drupal is complicated by all of the project management code used on the site.

SVN commits are a completely separate type of object, and the code that generates those RSS feeds is completely different from the RSS code for forum postings.

Though I haven't tried this yet, there's one possible way I can think of that might work to monitor a forum topic for new postings (other than logging into the site and looking directly). Recently, the Google Reader team implemented a feature which allows you to subscribe to a web page as if it was an RSS feed, even if it is not. Your "RSS feed" of that page will somehow alert you when the page changes.

This would require you to use Google Reader (which is my favorite RSS reader) and may or may not work.
Seeing SVN commits correctly via RSS is generally more important than seeing follow-ups to forum posts, so I may forgo the Web page update checking.


J. J. Weimer
Chemistry / Chemical & Materials Engineering, UAH
Any updates on the issue that follow ups to forum threads don't genereate new entries in the RSS feeds?

I'm using the owncloud news application as rss reader.
The software running hasn't changed, and probably won't until after Igor 7 is released. So no, there haven't been any changes in this area.
I keep a link to in the toolbar and visit it a few times a day. It's certainly not optimal, but it's the best we have right now.