Subdivision of Projects?

I wonder ... would a sub-structure of the Projects content to Packages and Demonstrations be worth doing? Would it give significant improvement for some reason or another?

I class Demonstrations exclusively as stand-alone Igor Pro experiments. Users can download them and run them without needing to figure out where to put them or to install anything else.

I am thinking about this as I look back over my project contributions. I would sure like to be able to sort them cleanly on the site here in to Packages and Demonstrations. I also consider questions that have come up in the past about better marketing for Igor Pro to the un-initiated. Rather than point them to Projects and say ... look at all the "Project" stuff you can get (but some of those projects you may have to sort out and figure out how to install and run on your own), I think about saying ... Look at all of the stand-alone Demonstrations in Igor Pro (and all you have to do is download and run them for free).

Any thoughts about or possibilities of this happening?
It's not possible (or at least practical) to do that with the current infrastructure, and at the moment Igor 7 is a priority over improving the site. But I'll keep this in mind when thinking about possible upgrades in the future.