Igor GIS xop beta release

WaveMetrics has created a new package, called IgorGIS, for working with Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data. This initial release focuses on the ability to read and write GIS files and to translate between spatial reference systems.

The project is in its beta release. If you would like to beta test the IgorGIS package, please follow the instructions below.

IgorGIS Beta Tester Instructions

1.Download the beta test package from

2. Unzip the zip file anywhere on your hard disk.

3. The following diagram shows the contents of the zip file and where they should be placed on your hard disk.
You may need to run as administrator in order to move the files as instructed.
Move the files from the zip archive to the locations on disk shown on the right:
IgorGIS.xop Move to Igor Pro Folder/More Extensions/File Loaders
IgorGIS.xop Move to Igor Pro Folder\More Extensions\File Loaders
IgorGIS64.xop Move to Igor Pro Folder\More Extensions (64-bit)\File Loaders
"IgorGIS Help.ihf" Move to Igor Pro Folder/More Extensions/File Loaders
IgorGIS Move to Igor Pro Folder/WaveMetrics Procedures/

4. Launch Igor and open the "IgorGIS Help.ihf".

5. Read the introductory material in the help file.

6. Follow the instructions under "Installing the IgorGIS Package."

7. Do the IgorGIS Tutorials in the help file.