Igor Pro 6.02 Released

Igor 6.02 is live and available for downloading of the updaters. We started
shipping 6.02 on CD today.

A simple way to get the updater you need is to choose "Updates for Igor" from Igor's Help Menu to get the update links.

Or visit our Updaters page here: http://www.wavemetrics.net

Don't forget to quit Igor before running the downloaded updaters.

You don't need to uninstall any beta versions before updating.

Of particular note, Igor 6.02 introduces "native GUI user-defined
controls". The appearance of Igor's controls has been updated to (by
default) take on the look of the native operating system. On Windows they
look like standard Windows controls and on Macintosh OS X they look like
standard Mac OS X controls.

This revised appearance can be disabled in the new Compatibility tab of the
Miscellaneous Settings dialog.

The native GUI control appearance has many ramifications described in the
new DefaultGUIControls command. See the "All Controls Demo.pxp" experiment
for examples.

Highlights of the changes for 6.02 is available on this page:


An extensive list of changes since Igor 6.0, 6.01 and subsequent betas of
6.02 are available on this page: