Igor Pro 6.02B03

Igor Pro 6.02B03

This 6.02B03 update fixes many aspects of the "native GUI" for user-defined
control issues, as well as some Windows Visual Styles artifacts that
cropped up.

To update to Igor Pro 6.02B03, follow the directions here:


Not as many changes this time, so here are the full 6.02B03 release notes:

Igor Application


Added an "Enable Fling Mode" checkbox to the Miscellaneous Settings
dialog's Graph tab. Removed idea of DefaultGUIFont "_NativeSizes" and the
corresponding item in the
Miscellaneous Settings dialog.

Added Don't Smooth Fonts smaller than nn points to the Miscellaneous
Settings dialog; most user-defined controls honor that setting.

Separated disabling of floating info palettes from disabling of floating
tool palettes in Miscellaneous Settings dialog.

Holding down the Shift or option or Alt key while clicking an enabled
breakpoint disables the breakpoint instead of removing it. Similarly,
clicking a disabled breakpoint with any of those keys held down enables the
breakpoint instead of removing it.

Licensing checking is more compatible with site licensing installers that
pre-register Igor.

Macintosh: Changed printing code to NOT request Laserwriter 8 compatibility
mode by default. This mode is needed if you have any EPS pictures in your
graphics but it appeared to cause font problems for some people so it was
turned off. If you do have EPS graphics in your Layout or Graph windows,
you will need to execute:
SetIgorOption WantLW8Compatibility=1
before printing to a Postscript printer. This will all become moot in an
upcoming release.


Added to ImageInterpolate a new interpolation method for handling matrices
scaled by 1D X and Y Waves.

Added support for Structure Fit Functions when fitting to sums of fit
functions. See documentation for the FuncFit operation and Fitting Sums of
Fit Functions.

FontList takes a new optional parameter that limits the returned fonts to
only "scalable" (not bitmap) fonts.

Added ability to create a cumulative histogram; that is, one in which the
bin values are the total counts for all the bins to the left of the current
bin, plus the counts for the current bin.
See Histogram. Also added Cumulative checkbox to the Histogram dialog.


Fixed a bug that caused SaveExperiment with a full path to display a Save
File dialog if the experiment was untitled.

Changed Native GUI control appearance to draw properly when controls are on
top of drawing objects like filled rectangles.

Fixed disabled appearance of Window native GUI user-defined checkbox (and
radio button) controls, eliminated other "controls drawing as if disabled"
bugs. Many other Native GUI adjustments, too.

Fixed a crash that occured when the Debugger's breakpoint was disabled,
enabled, and then triggered.

Fixed Resample crash when input waves were of different length.

Fixed CmpStr to return results the same as Igor 6.01 when the string
parameters contain zeros (\0, not "0") in them.

Fixed LoadData not marking loaded variables as modified. If the variable
was attached to a control in a control panel, the control did not update.

Macintosh: fixed PlaySound sample rate problem.

Fixed rare problem where dimension labels grow without bounds.

Fixed rare crash when forming a graph recreation macro when many cursors
are used.


Revised New Polar Graphs.ipf to work better with both native and Igor 5 GUI

Revised many Gizmo procedures to work better with both native and Igor 5
GUI appearances and to work better together without stepping on eachother's
hook functions.

PopupWaveSelector.ipf: Fixed bug in PopupWS_MatchOptions (wrong sense of
ParamIsDefault test for matchStr).

HierarchicalListWidget.ipf now allows you to add your own listbox action
procedure. Also added function WMHL_ChangeItem function to allow you to
change the name and displayed string of an item.


Changed Gizmo so that named hook functions are executed independent of the
values of hook events. Added hook calls in response to rotation commands.