Igor Pro 8 Released


WaveMetrics is pleased to announce the release of Igor Pro 8, the latest version of our scientific and engineering graphing and data analysis program for Macintosh and Windows. Igor Pro 8 contains hundreds of improvements, including 20 new operations, 5 new functions, and a new NetCDF XOP.

Some highlights of Igor Pro 8 include:


  • Long object names: wave, variable, string, and other object names can be 255 bytes long

  • New built-in Box Plot and Violin Plot graph types make it easy to show the distribution of values within a data set.

  • New built-in Window Browser allows you to see all your windows at once, or filter by type, name, and/or wave to find that one special graph

  • Redesigned Procedure Browser allows you to quickly find and filter symbols (functions, macros, etc.)

  • New toolbar provides easier access to frequently used features

  • Procedure and notebook windows have new Back and Forward buttons to make it easy to navigate back and forth through text

  • Procedure windows and the command line now suggest options to complete the current command

  • New Short-Time Fourier Transform (STFT) operation and seven new dialogs for transformation operations

  • New built-in Voigt and dblexp_peak curve fitting functions

  • ODR curve fitting is now thread safe and has built-in parallelization

  • Igor Filter Design Laboratory (IFDL), which was previously a separate paid product, is now built-in

  • Greatly improved the speed of creating and looking up waves by name when there are many similarly-named waves in a data folder

  • Drawing speed of graph traces on High-DPI displays under some specific circumstances is dramatically improved

  • Improved speed of displaying notebooks, help windows, and procedure windows



For more information see the comprehensive list of new features.

Igor Pro 8 is a paid upgrade from previous Igor Pro versions. You can purchase an upgrade from the WaveMetrics online store. A demo version is available and can be installed without the need to uninstall Igor Pro 6 or Igor Pro 7.




Igor Pro 8 System Requirements

Macintosh: macOS 10.10 to 10.14 (10.12 to 10.14 recommended), Igor Pro application is 64-bit only
Windows: Windows 7 or greater, 64-bit and 32-bit Igor Pro applications are installed