XOP Toolkit 6.30 is now shipping

XOP Toolkit 6.30 is now shipping.

This release adds support for Xcode 4.3.2 through 4.6 and for Visual C++ 2012.

This release is mostly to keep up with Xcode 4 changes and to add Visual C++ 2012 sample XOPs and documentation. If you are using Xcode 4.3.2 or later or Visual C++ 2012 I recommend updating your XOP Toolkit. Otherwise it is not so crucial.

If you are a licensed XOP Toolkit 6 user, this is a free update. You can download this version the same way you downloaded XOP Toolkit 6.xx or contact WaveMetrics sales for download instructions.

As described in the release notes (Appendix C of the XOP Toolkit 6.30 manual), a side-effect of keeping up with Xcode 4 changes is that XOPs compiled by XOP Toolkit 6.30 require Igor Pro 6.20 or later. The requirement of Igor Pro 6.20 is the reason for bumping the XOP Toolkit version from 6.02 to 6.30. 6.30 was chosen because that is the imminent Igor version.

Other changes include:

  • Changed all Xcode 4 projects to use the LLVM compiler.

  • Changed all sample XOP projects to use XOPMain instead of main (required by LLVM compiler).

  • The ‘vs’ keyword is allowed in Operation Handler operations. This requires Igor Pro 6.30 or later.

  • Operation Handler now supports “qualified keywords” like this:
        ModifyGraph mode(wave0) = 3 // wave0 is the qualifier for the mode keyword
        // This requires Igor Pro 6.30 or later.

  • Changed parameters of HoldWave and HoldDataFolder XOPSupport routines. Existing XOPs are unaffected but if you use these routines you will need to fix your source code when compiling with XOP Toolkit 6.30.

For details see page 555 of the XOP Toolkit 6.30 manual which is included in the download and also available from:

Howard Rodstein