XOP Toolkit 6.40 is now shipping

XOP Toolkit 6.40 is now shipping.

This release adds support for Xcode 6, and also works with Xcode 7, and for Visual C++ 2015.

XOPs compiled by XOP Toolkit 6.40 require Igor Pro 6.20 or later.

This release also adds compatibility with Igor7, now in beta testing. The compatibility issues mostly relate to menus and affect only XOPs that add menus or menu items or modify menu items.

If you are a licensed XOP Toolkit 6 user, this is a free update. You can download this version the same way you downloaded XOP Toolkit 6.xx or contact WaveMetrics sales for download instructions. See Appendix C of the XOP Toolkit 6.40 manual for a list of changes in this version.

We expect to have a beta version of XOP Toolkit 7 available in the next couple of months. The main change in XOP Toolkit 7, for most XOP programmers, is that it can be used to compile 64-bit Macintosh XOPs.

Howard Rodstein