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When I reply to a topic, if the text is greater than 5 lines, the editor goes wonky deleting entered text and show a broken text entry field.


broken text entry field

Our "web guy" was on the job this weekend. This is the first line

line 2

line 3

line 4

line 5

another line

yet another line

Here's some Igor code for testing

Function WM_MakeDataForLissajous(numDataPoints)
    Variable numDataPoints
    Make /O/N=(numDataPoints,3) Lissajous3D
    Make/O/N=(numDataPoints,4) lissColorWave
    Variable factor=2*pi/numDataPoints
    Variable f1=1,f2=2,f3=3
    Variable p1=0,p2=pi/4,p3=pi/2
    f1 *= factor
    f2 *= factor
    f3 *= factor
    Lissajous3D[][0] = sin(f1*p+p1)
    Lissajous3D[][1] = sin(f2*p+p2)
    Lissajous3D[][2] = sin(f3*p+p3)

    lissColorWave[][0]=(1+Lissajous3D[p][0] )/2
    lissColorWave[][1]=(1+Lissajous3D[p][1] )/2
    lissColorWave[][2]=(1+Lissajous3D[p][2] )/2