Igor Pro 7.07 Released

A new release of Igor Pro 7 is now available for all platforms. A list of notable changes for this release is included below. Go to the Downloads page or select the Help→Updates for Igor Pro menu item within Igor Pro 7 to get the latest release. If you've reported an issue to us and we've told you it's been fixed, the fix will be included in this release, even if it's not mentioned below. 

Macintosh users: When you drag the Igor Pro 7 Folder from the new installer into your Applications folder, the OS may ask you whether you want to merge the folders or replace the existing folder. You should select "Replace".

Notable Changes in Igor Pro 7.07



  • Dramatically increased the speed of loading Excel .xlsx files containing very large numbers of strings.


  • Addressed incorrect handling of comma and semicolon when double-clicking just before the comma in "123,456,789" and "123;456;789;" or when option-right-arrowing or option-left-arrowing in such text.
  • Windows: Fixed Window Tiling/Stacking Area dialog when Igor's MDI frame window is positioned on a secondary display.
  • Fixed setting of the "from cell" and "to cell" vallues in the XLLoadWave dialog when changing the selected worksheet.
  • Fixed Find Text in Multiple Windows dialog to allow searching for case variations of the same word (eg. "wave" and "WAVE").
  • Fixed initialization of Y axis coordinate system control in Draw dialog.
  • Windows: In Igor Pro 7.00 through 7.06, if an ActiveX client launched an Igor instance, a crash would occur if the client called an Igor method before Igor finished initializing. Now the client call to CreateObject (Basic) or CoCreateInstance (C++) will not return until Igor has finished initializing.
  • Windows: The errorMsg output from the ActiveX Server Execute2 method was broken in Igor Pro 7.00 through 7.06. It now works.
  • Windows: The history output from the ActiveX Server Execute2 method was broken in Igor Pro 7.00 through 7.06. It now works.
  • Fixed an infinite loop in the Notebook Action dialog if you clicked the Generate LoadFile Command and then chose a file outside of the Igor Pro folder.
  • Fixed handling NaN values when using ImageThreshold with a threshold wave.
  • Changed increments on the profile width spin-box in Image Line Profile dialog.




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