WaveMetrics to become part of Sutter Instrument


WaveMetrics to become part of Sutter Instrument

Sept.1, 2022

Sutter Instrument announced today that it will add WaveMetrics, the developer of Igor Pro software, as a new division. Sutter has been a partner with WaveMetrics for the past 7 years, using Igor Pro’s rich feature set to build software applications for neuroscience. The founders of WaveMetrics had been searching for a suitable home for Igor Pro software.

“Both WaveMetrics and Sutter Instrument are renowned for expert-level technical support, and for continuous development based on customer feedback. This mutual culture of putting the customer first and delivering a quality product makes the two companies a perfect fit.” said Mark Flaming, President of Sutter Instrument. “We are looking forward to continuing WaveMetrics’ legacy supporting the scientific community. We will be continuing to invest in and develop the Igor Pro software suite for a wide range of scientific fields.”

WaveMetrics Inc, founded in 1987 by Larry Hutchinson and Howard Rodstein, developed Igor Pro which is used worldwide as one of the leading data analysis packages. Its built-in, powerful programming environment makes Igor Pro the ideal platform for sophisticated scientific software applications. At the same time, Igor Pro is a popular platform for efficient analysis of large datasets and creating even the most complex data visualizations in research publications. “Larry and I are optimistic that this change of ownership will strengthen Igor and ensure its long-term viability. We wish Sutter nothing but success.” Said founder Howard Rodstein.

Since 1974, Sutter Instrument has grown to become a leader in instrumentation for neuroscience. Sutter’s product portfolio includes micropipette pullers, amplifier systems, microscopes, micromanipulators, light sources and optical products. SutterPatch®, a data acquisition, management and analysis package that comes bundled with the electrophysiology amplifier systems, was built on top of WaveMetrics Igor Pro.

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