Gizmo surface fly-through/walk-through ?


I have a topographical surface generated in 3D by Gizmo. I'd like to make a movie in which the camera (or viewer) performs a fly-through over the surface along a defined path. For example, directing the camera to fly through a valley then over a cliff. So two questions:

1. Has anyone written a code snippet for something like this? For example, a procedure where you can define a 3D path wave which the camera will follow.

2. Is there any advice on what Gizmo commands might be useful for controlling the 'camera' with a 3D path wave?


Example topography

I would recommend using blender for such an animation. If your Image is a plain 2d image where intensity is height, take a look here:

It is worth the effort to learn how blender operates and you can also output as VR. It is far more easier than using gizmo here.

You can do this in Gizmo using standard operations.  Please check the relevant demo in File Menu->Example Experiments->Visualization->Advanced->LookAt Demo.







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