Custom bulk arithmetic macro has SetVariable error after recent update

While recently working up some data, I tried to use a function that someone in my group wrote a while ago and after a recent Igor Pro update, it has stopped working to its fullest extent. This function does what its name implies; it allows you to do arithmetic on a large number of waves all at once. One key feature that has stopped working allows you to use a specific wave for the arithmetic. This is useful for baseline subtracting multiple waves at once from a single wave. However, now when the function is executed, this error pops up

"While executing SetVariable, the following error occurred: format string is invalid"

After staring at the script for this function and checking the update log for Igor Pro, I can't find the bug or why this has only started to occur now. Any thoughts or help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Function bulk_arithmetic_window()

    String/G blankWaveName=""
    String/G ywavesStr = WaveList("*y",";","")
    String/G selWaveStrList=""
    Variable/G ynum
    Variable/G numVal =0
     ynum= ItemsInList(ywavesStr,";")
    Make/O/T/N=(ynum) ywaves = StringFromList(p,ywavesStr,";")
    //Make another wave of all 0 with same dimensions for use with ListBox
    Make/O/B/N=(ynum) lb1selWave=0
    //Create a new panel to contain GUI components
    NewPanel /K=1/W=(300,100,900,500) as "Bulk Arithmetic Window"
    DoWindow/C FractionalSubtraction
    TitleBox ywavesTitle,title="Y Waves:",pos={30,25},frame=0,fsize=14
    ListBox lb1,pos={30,50},size={200,300},listWave=ywaves,selWave=lb1selWave,mode= 4
    CheckBox showAllY,pos={30,360},title="Show all waves in data folder for Y",fsize=10,proc=showAllYProc
    SetVariable blankWaveField,bodyWidth=200,fsize=10,format="%S",limits={-inf,inf,0},value=blankWaveName,pos={500,50},title="Wave Name:"
    SetVariable numValField,bodyWidth=80,fsize=10,format="%G",limits={-inf,inf,0},value=numVal,pos={380,80},title="Number Value:"
    Button doSubButton, pos={365,140},proc=doArithmetic,size={120,20}, title="Do Subtraction(s)"
    Button doAddButton, pos={365,170},proc=doArithmetic,size={120,20}, title="Do Addition(s)"
    Button doMultButton, pos={365,200},proc=doArithmetic,size={120,20}, title="Do Multiplication(s)"
    Button doDivButton, pos={365,230},proc=doArithmetic,size={120,20}, title="Do Division(s)"


%S is not a documented to be accepted.

Previous versions of Igor ignored invalid format characters (you want %s, the lower-case s), but later versions are stricter to help catch mistakes like this.




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