Starting a Package to Work on Images using Igor Pro

I am starting over to develop a package to work with images. My current goal is to be able to Igor Pro more efficiently to review (TIFF) images. My target is an audience who may find that, while (or even because) it is the Swiss army knife of image analysis tools, ImageJ can become cumbersome beyond a certain point (the anticipation is that a need for Igor Pro then kicks in) but yet also find that, while (or because) it is the Swiss army knife of data analysis tools, Igor Pro is daunting in its own right to use to do certain types of image analysis (i.e. by comparison to ImageJ). I count myself in this audience.

I am particularly focused on meeting these objectives to start:

* directly select to load one image, multiple images, a folder, or a stack sliced in any way desired
* directly select to keep the source AND/OR separate RGB channels AND/OR create a composite grayscale
* efficiently scroll forward/backward through or select one from a set of loaded images
* simultaneously see the histogram (both linear and log scales) as well as the cumulative and derivative of the histogram while the image is being displayed (or hide the histogram views when desired)
* readily select an RoI to limit the histogram displays and lock that RoI while scrolling through the images
* easily create a contact print type of layout to display any number of the images from the images loaded, including the histogram or not as desired

In a nutshell ... I am not aiming to build ImageJ in Igor Pro. I am however keen to create a package in Igor Pro that prevents me (and those in my group) from having to work on lots and lots of images in ImageJ, transfer those images or their data out, and then use Igor Pro to re-design image layouts or further analyze the images or image data.

An alpha version of the package is posted in this Dropbox link.…

The folder also has a video tutorial of the package in use to load, review, and print images that we have collected for our research.

Comments and feedback are welcomed here or directly via email.

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