IGOR PRO 8 box plot modification


I have created some box plots with the create box plot tool in Igor Pro 8. Now, I am trying to modify the plots in a certain way that I am not sure is possible. I am trying to insert the exact value of the data point on the markers pointing out the data points. So that I can get an exact idea of the data point value.

 The cntrl+I shortcut is not working properly wherever I want to place the cursor it automatically jumps into the center.

Please share any idea or solution you have. Thank you.


Indeed, so far you can't put a graph cursor on individual data points in a box plot.

I agree, it would be nice if statistical plots like box plots were a bit more integrated in Igor. The inclusion in IP8 is better than before but still not quite natively supported. I'd also like the option to more easily make normal probability plots, without having to manipulate waves and use the Transform Axis package for the plots.

For the current question about the cursor on box plots, an approximate workaround is to use a free cursor. On the info box (after you press ctrl+I) you can change the cursor style to "free" so that it isn't tied to data points, and you can at least position it close to the points to get a decent idea of their value.

It is best to start a new thread. You will probably get more attention to your question that way.

If you made your box plot using a matrix containing columns of data, you can reorder the columns of data. If you made your box plot with a 1D wave for each box, then reordering is not as easy. Probably the best way to do that would be to make the recreation macro for the graph window and edit the macro to change the order.

This refers to built-in box plots in Igor 8 and later. If you are using the old (now obsolete) box plot procedure package, then it is more difficult and you may need to simply start over again.




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