index matching (sorting)


I have two waves , "outWave" and "All_index_waves" ( has random index number ).

I want to make a new waves such that each element of outWave is based on the elements of "All_index_waves"

For example , zeroth point in "All_index_waves"  is 3 and it corresponds to point 3 in "outWave" which is 312.33. Or fourth point in "All_index_waves" is 7 which corresponds to point 7 in "outWave" which is 63.6411. So i want to kind of re organize elements in "outWave" based on elements in "All_index_waves" for all points in my wave.

Thanks for your help.


This is how waves look like


Will this work?

Duplicate outWave, newWave

newWave[p] = All_index_wave[outWave[p]]


I appreciate your comments guys,

but the way it works is just:

duplicate waveOut, newWave

Indexsort all_index_waves, newWave




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