Window Notes

This package is designed to allow a user to attach, display, and remove notes on windows.


Put the procedure file in the Igor Procedures or User Procedures folder according to standard rules.


The panel is accessed from the Windows->Packages->Window Notes sub-menu option. When the panel is activated (front-most), it will display the name of the most recent front-most window. The note field will contain the notes attached to that window. For optimal use in appending notes, add new notes ABOVE any current notes before re-attaching them. A date|time stamp will be added at any operation to attach the notes.


Notes are stored in the note field for the window.


Example of Window Notes in use.

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Version: 1.20
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Version Major: 1
Version Patch Level: 20
OS Compatibility: Windows Mac-Intel
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date and time are saved in parentheses (...) with dash rather than as return to improve consistency with how the Log Book package captures the notes to a notebook

the window note window updates automatically when you change the frontmost window

you can now type a return with a shift key to automatically put the entered note on the window

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