Igor Pro Coursework

Coursework order requests are processed after status verification, usually within one business day. We will then send you instructions on how to complete your coursework order. You can begin using Igor now by downloading Igor here.

To place a purchase order you must first Request a Quote by submitting this form.

Link to this order form: https://www.wavemetrics.com/order/igorpro/coursework

Igor Pro 9 Coursework License

One-year special coursework license. See below for license conditions.


Igor Pro Coursework License

This one-year special coursework license is intended to facilitate the use of Igor as a teaching tool and to introduce students to Igor. The coursework license is available for $125 under the following conditions:

  • • The software may be used only by students and only for assigned coursework. It may not be used for research.
  • • All technical support must go through the registered licensee (usually the instructor) who should have an academic license of Igor Pro.

The Special Coursework Discount is available only directly from WaveMetrics.

We request that coursework licensees provide a brief description of their use of Igor for coursework and a link to the course's web page. However this is not required.




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