CCP4/MAR345 image plate file loader

File loader for CCP4 compressed files, such as used by the MAR345 image plate.

Because of licensing restrictions imposed by Daresbury Laboratory, it is impossible to supply this XOP in either binary form or with all the necessary source code.

Project Details

Project License:
Project CVS:

Current Project Release

CCP4XOP IGOR.5.05.x-2.0.x-dev

Release File:
Version: IGOR.5.05.x-2.0.x-dev
Version Date: Wed, 04/16/2008 - 01:02 pm
Version Major: 2
Version Extra: dev
OS Compatibility: Mac-Intel Windows
Release Notes: Support for building on Windows from Andrew Nelson

Note: This XOP has been tested as far back as Igor Pro 5.05A, but I'm unable to edit the release info to reflect that.

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