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This package is a demo that was created for a class in chemical kinetics. It illustrates the behavior of a chemical reaction network A <--> I --> P under various settings of rate constants, equilibrium conditions, and temperature.

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Use the checkboxes to turn on / off equilibrium of the first reaction and running the second reaction.

Use set variable inputs to change pre-factors, activation energies, and reaction enthalpy. Use a slider to set the equilibrium constant or reaction temperature.

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  • Documentation: internal notebook for the experiment demo

User Notes

The curves are calculated using a numerical integration routine. Sometimes, the code hangs (at least on my system). The source of this problem is under investigation.


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KineticReactionDemo IGOR.6.20.x-1.1

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Version: IGOR.6.20.x-1.1
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Version Major: 1
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OS Compatibility: Windows Mac-Intel
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Bug Fix: wave AIP now has 3 columns, not 4 -- integration should be less prone to hanging


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I see you are using IntegrateODE/M=1. It is not uncommon for chemical kinetic systems to be stiff- if you can find a set of parameters that "hangs" try it with /M=3.




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