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This package provides commands for intuitive display of waves that are in (ywave,xwave) sets.


WARNING: The order of the parameters for the Link function has been changed starting at version 2.3!
Links all waves in the string ywaveList in the current folder to the given xwave. Option full=1 links the waves using full path information (useful when working outside of a given folder). This is the default behavior. Use full=0 to link using local (folder dependent) names. When ywaveList is an empty string, link will link xwave to all other waves in the current folder.

This creates a list of y-waves and their associated x-waves based on the two GREP strings. It then links each y-wave with a different x-wave.

Removes the ... tag from the waves in ywaveList. When ywaveList is an empty string, link will link xwave to all other waves in the current folder.

Displays all waves in string ywaveList as a (ywave, xwave) set. Option flags provides for the flags associated with the standard Display command (Display/W=(...)/N=...). Option title provides for setting a title (Display ... as title) including special characters &, ^, and # to change title per waves displayed. An empty string to ywaveList will display all waves in data folder except linked xwave. A ywave without a link is displayed as a scaled wave.

LAppendToGraph(ywaveList,[flags, win])
Appends all waves in string ywaveList as a (ywave, xwave) set to the topmost graph. Optional win string defines which window to append the waves. Optional flags are for the appendtograph operation.

Links and displays all waves in ywavelist to the one xwave. When optional ywavelist is empty, all waves (except the source) in the same folder as xwave are linked and displayed. The optional flags and title are as above.

Links and appends all waves in ywaveList to the one xwave for the desired win. When win is absent, appends to frontmost or creates a new window. Operates otherwise same as DisplayVS and LAppendToGraph.

Returns the link (x-wave) name for a given ywave (wave reference).

LinkList(flder, how, [WavesList])
Returns a list of waves in folder fldr according to how and based on selections given in optional WavesList.

Options to get Help for and Remove the package are available using PackageTools.

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A control panel to access the commands is found as the package called LinkVS


After installing the package, execute the following commands on the command line (without the * prefixes):

* make/n=100 xwave=sin(x), ywave1, ywave2, ywave3
* ywave1=cos(x);ywave2=xwave*x;ywave3=x*cos(x)
* linkdisplay#link(WaveList("y*",";",""),xwave)
* display
* linkdisplay#lappendtograph(WaveList("y*",";",""))
* linkdisplay#ldisplay("ywave1",flags="/W=(0,0,200,200)/N=ATestPlot",title="A Simple Plot")

Assuming only xwave, ywave1, ywave2, and ywave3 exists in the current data folder, an alternative coding for the link and append to graph commands would be ...

* ...
* linkdisplay#link("",xwave); display; linkdisplay#lappendtograph("")
* ...

See the notes with each release version for further details.

Project Details

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Current Project Release

LinkDisplay IGOR.6.20.x-2.3

Release File:
Version: IGOR.6.20.x-2.3
Version Date: Mon, 10/11/2010 - 05:10 pm
Version Major: 2
Version Patch Level: 3
OS Compatibility: Mac-Intel Windows
Release Notes:


Bug fixes, code changes, and features.
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