SimpLiFi - Simple line profiles for TEM/STEM images

The SimpLiFi package provides an interface for extracting and analyzing line profiles from TEM/STEM images. This tool is in part a simplified version of the Image Line Profile tool provided in the ImageProcessing package by WaveMetrics ( SimpLiFi does not handle paths - only straight lines - and only greyscale images). It is also in part modified to mimic functionalities of the Line Profile tool available in Gatan's Digital Micrograph:

- A Frame is displayed on the image to show the width over which the profile is drawn
- Two cursors can be displayed on the profile graph to compute the thickness of a feature (e.g. a layer), and also extract the mean image intensity, as well as an average of values that are within 5% of the max and 5% of the min of the profile section between the cursors
- Dashed lines are displayed on the image to show the position of cursors on the profile graph
- The computed values (thickness, average, min, max) can be exported to a Results wave
- The Results wave can be displayed in a Table

This project is still in development and will evolve as my understanding of IGOR programming evolves. Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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SimpLiFi - Simple line profiles for TEM/STEM images IGOR.6.30.x

Release File: QHAADFLineProfile.ipf
Version: IGOR.6.30.x
Version Date: Tue, 04/11/2017 - 08:17 am
OS Compatibility: Windows
Release Notes: First working release of the project
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