SpXZeigR - Graphing for Chemical Spectroscopies

This package is being designed to display and manipulate wave data, primarily from chemical spectroscopies, in an efficient and intuitive manner.

Current Features

  • Quick display of one, all, or match-string selectable sets of scaled or unscaled waves in a given data folder
  • Quick selection of where to put multiple sets of waves (New, TopMost, or Separate)
  • Use of XML to set preferences, including
    • Spectrum Types: define axes labels, units, and graph title
    • Graph Modes: define axes, grids, and text parameters
    • Trace Styles: define style, mode, size, and color

  • Popup menu selection of spectrum type, graph mode, or trace style to change appearance of plot dynamically

  • Ability to write "plug-in" functions and select them to change the style of traces dynamically

  • Ability to define and switch between Paradigms to change preference sets

  • "Plug-in" compatible with the STANDARDIZED FILE LOADER panel

Distribution Details

Installation Notes

This may seem a bit ... overwhelming, however the effort has it rewards.

First Time Users

  1. Install Link Display in your User Procedures folder and make the Link Display plug-in always resident in all experiments by creating an alias to it in the Igor Procedures folder

  2. Install Screen Sizer in your User Procedures folder

  3. Install the Standardized File Loader Package (All Files) in your User Procedures folder

  4. Install any additional file loaders you may want to use for the above package

  5. Install SpXZeigR in your User Procedures folder and put an alias to the SpXZeigR.ipf file in the Igor Procedures folder to make it always resident in all experiments

  6. Open the Localizations folder within the SpXZeigR folder and DUPLICATE the preferences.xml file

  7. Rename the duplicate preferences file to something else while keeping the .xml extenstion

  8. Edit the renamed preference file with a standard TEXT editor to create your own Paradigms, Spectra, Graph Modes, and Trace Styles following the templates provided. An important part of this step is to include the file loaders that you want to use. Finally, remember to set the default paradigm, graph mode, spectrum type, and trace style appropriately before saving this preference file

  9. Open the TraceFunctions file and, using the template provided, write your own version of a trace function

  10. Put any additional .ipf files that you may want SpXZeigR to open in the localizations folder

After doing this, when you start an experiment, you should find a new menu item Misc:Packages:SpXZeigR. This will load the entire SpXZeigR routines. The file loaders you define in the preferences will load when you change to your new Paradigm. Any procedure files that you put into the localizations folder will also be loaded when SpXZeigR starts (and removed when it is removed). You can edit your XML preference file and Restart SpXZeigR to load new preference settings.

Windows Users

You must install the AltovaXML program so that it can be run in command line mode. Here briefly is how to confirm and fix this ..

  • Open the Command Prompt
  • Type "AltovaXML /ver" (without quotes)
  • When a version number shows, installation is fine

  1. Move your preference file from the localizations folder to a different place

  2. Remove any added or modified .ipf files from the localizations folder to a different place

  3. Delete the SpXZeigR folder from the User Procedures folder

  4. Copy/Move the new SpXZeigR folder into the User Procedures folder

  5. Replace your preference file back into the localizations folder and bring it up to date with any new preference settings

  6. Replace your moved .ipf files into the localizations folder

Please contact me if you have problems!


Project Details

Project CVS: http://svn.igorexchange.com/viewvc/packages/SpXZeigR/

Current Project Release

SpXZeigR IGOR.6.03.x-4.3

Release File: SpXZeigR-IGOR.6.03.x-4.3.zip (18.72 KB)
Version: IGOR.6.03.x-4.3
Version Date:
Version Major: 4
Version Patch Level: 3
OS Compatibility: Mac-Intel Windows
Release Notes: This release fixes a few minor mistakes. It also represents the end of the 6.0x development line.
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