pFLIM - an analysis program for time-domain fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) data

We have developed a highly accurate and efficient code for the analysis of time-domain FLIM data (‘‘pFLIM’’ for precision FLIM). Our analysis code accounts for all significant instrumental artifacts (e.g., the instrument response function (IRF) and spatially inhomogeneous background events) and is rigorously based on both conventional and novel statistics. The code is described in detail in the manuscript:

Precise measurement of protein interacting fractions with fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy, Walther et al., Mol. BioSyst., (2011), DOI: 10.1039/c0mb00132e

If you use the code in a publication, please cite the above manuscript.

The package contains pFLIM.ipf, pFLIM.xop (one for PC, one for MacOSX), and a pdf file with detailed instructions on how to use the program. It uses two other packages available from the IgorExchange website:

multiopenfiles -
TabControl -

The program currently only reads in FLIM data in the PicoQuant .pt3 file format. This can, however, be changed by modifying the XOP accordingly. If you are interested, contact me and I will provide you with the source code.

Project Details

Current Project Release

pFLIM - an analysis program for time-domain fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) data IGOR.6.20.x-3.0

Release File: (1.63 MB)
Version: IGOR.6.20.x-3.0
Version Date:
Version Major: 3
Version Patch Level: 0
OS Compatibility: Mac-Intel Windows
Release Notes: Here is a new version of pFLIM with the following changes:

- intensity-weighted maps now go from black to full color (not white any more)
- median and mean images can now be created (require preprocessing)
- in the pFLIM menu there is a new option to display a panel for creating 2D histograms of the alpha, beta, and avgtau images (see the Walther et al 2011 paper, Supp Fig 10)
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