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Welcome to the Igor Filter Design Laboratory (IFDL) 3.1 Demo!

  This demo version of IFDL 3.1 allows you to design your own Kaiser
  Low Pass filters and other Window Filters, and apply them to your data.

  You can compare the responses of two filters, save the filter
  coefficients for use in other programs, and print a report
  showing a filter's response and coefficient values.

  Pre-computed examples of McClellan-Parks-Rabiner (MPR) filters
  and Kaiser Maximal Flatness filters are provided in this demo;
  changes to the design parameters for these filter types are ignored.

  Purchase IFDL 4 to enable the Kaiser Maximally Flat and all
  the MPR filters, add IIR filtering features and to receive a
  full electronic and printed manual.

  You can purchase IFDL from WaveMetrics, Inc. by calling (503) 620-3001,
  by email at sales@wavemetrics.com, or on our web site at

  As of July 2011, pricing for IFDL 4 is $150.00 plus shipping.
  Upgrades from any previous version of IFDL are $50.00 plus shipping.


  Most versions of IGOR Pro already have a demo version of IFDL
  installed within your Igor Pro Folder! Take a look in the
  Product Demos folder.

  The IFDL Demo is comprised of a sample experiment and a number
  of procedure files.
  To install the procedures, copy the IFDL Procedures folder
  and the IFDL Demo experiment file into your Igor Pro Folder.

  IFDL 4 requires Igor Pro 4.09A or later. Contact WaveMetrics, Inc.
  for information about our low-cost upgrades. 

  We welcome feedback at any time and we do take it seriously.

  You may contact us at these email addresses:

  Our telephone number is (503) 620-3001, and our FAX number is (503) 620-6754.

  Check out our Web site: http://www.wavemetrics.com/




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