Demo versions of Igor Pro, Igor NIDAQ Tools, and IFDL are available for downloading.

Please see the Read Me file for more details about the demos.

There are no forms to fill out. Just download and install with complete anonymity.

Igor Pro

Download the fully-functional Igor Pro 7 Demo and try it for 30 days after installation. After 30 days, the demo will lapse into limited functionality mode. The limitations of this mode are:

  • Saving is disabled.
  • The clipboard contents cannot be transferred to other programs.
  • The printing output is lightly over-printed with Igor-related words.

To avoid these limitations, purchase an Igor Pro license to restore the full functionality. If, within 90 days of purchase, you are unsatisified with Igor Pro in any way you can delete Igor Pro from your computer and return your license, and we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Igor Pro 7 Demo

Optional Third Party Open Source Software for Programmers

Igor NIDAQ Tools

The NIDAQ Tools MX demo will work for 30 days from the time you first run it. Otherwise it is identical to the shipping NIDAQ Tools MX package.

There is no Macintosh version as National Instruments has not made the NI-DAQmx driver available for Macintosh.


Igor Filter Design Laboratory

The IFDL Demo is version 3.1, which allows you to design your own Kaiser Low Pass filters and other Window Filters, and apply them to your data. The demo does not include the IIR filter designs that IFDL 4 does.


We are interested in your feedback on the Igor Pro demo or any other material that you download. We especially are interested if you look at the demo and decide to buy a different graphing program.




Igor Pro 8

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Igor XOP Toolkit

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Igor NIDAQ Tools MX

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