Windows Error Reporting

Windows Error Reporting (WER) is a Microsoft program that facilitates the identification of bugs in applications such as Igor Pro. When Igor crashes or hangs on Windows, the operating system displays a dialog asking how you want to handle the crash.


If you click "Check online for a solution and close the program", Windows communicates with the WER server to see if information is available for this crash. If it is a crash that WaveMetrics is aware of and if we have provided a response, Windows will show you that response which will include a link to this web page where you can find further information (see table below).

Windows may also ask to collect information about the crash. If you allow this, information that may help WaveMetrics determine the cause of the crash is sent to the Microsoft WER web server. WaveMetrics checks the WER web site periodically to analyze and attempt to fix any reported crashes.

In addition to allowing Windows to collect information about the crash, it is helpful if you also send an email to WaveMetrics support. We take all crashes seriously and do our best to fix them. Let us know what OS you are running, what Igor version you are running, and what actions led to the crash. It is most helpful if you can give us a recipe for reproducing the crash.

If you click "Close the program" or "Debug the program" (available only if you have installed a development system such as Microsoft Visual Studio), no information about the crash is sent to Microsoft so no information will be available to WaveMetrics.

Windows Error Reporting "Buckets"

In Windows Error Reporting, crashes are identified by the version of the program that crashed and by where in the program the crash occurred. This, along with other technical information, creates a unique signature for the crash. Microsoft calls these signatures "bucket IDs". If you click View Problem Details in the Windows crash dialog, it will show you the bucket ID. The table below shows bucket IDs for the crashes for which WaveMetrics has provided a WER response.

Known Igor Pro Windows Crashes

This table lists known Igor Pro crashes.

Bucket ID

Crash Description

Recommended Action


QuickTime crashed, typically when starting or quitting Igor.

QuickTime on Windows has historically been a source of trouble. If you have repeated crashes, uninstalling and reinstalling the latest QuickTime version has appeared to help.

QuickTime allows you to create QuickTime movies in Igor and to load JPG files into Igor. If you don't use these features then you don't need QuickTime as far as Igor is concerned.

Uninstall QuickTime.

If you want to create QuickTime movies or load jpeg files, reinstall QuickTime.

If you want to prevent Igor from using QuickTime without uninstalling it, find the QTMovies.dll file in the Igor Pro folder and rename it to something like QTMoviesDisabled.dll.


The Igor Histogram dialog crashed.

This crash occurs when you display the Histogram dialog and there are no histogrammable waves in the current data folder.

This bug was introduced in Igor Pro 6.22A and is fixed in the currently shipping version of Igor 6 and 7.

Update to the latest Igor using the Help menu Updates for Igor item.


Other Igor Pro Windows Crashes

If you experience a crash on Windows that is not listed in the table above then it may be a crash that we are not aware of. We want to fix the crash if possible and we take all crash reports seriously so please follow the instructions in this section.

In most cases to fix a crash we must be able to reproduce it. To help us, please send the following information to WaveMetrics support:

  • What version of Igor are you running?
  • What operating system are you running (e.g., XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7)?
  • What were you doing when Igor crashed?
  • Is the crash reproducible?
  • If it is intermittent, roughly how intermittent is it (once per day, once per hour, ...)?
  • Is there any other information that might help us understand the crash?

If you have a recipe for reproducing the crash, please provide it. If it requires files, please put the files in a zip archive and send them to WaveMetrics support with instructions for reproducing the crash. If the files are too big, contact support for instructions.

Thanks in advance for helping us to improve Igor Pro.

Updating to the Latest Igor

It's possible that the crash you experienced was fixed in a later version of Igor. If you are running Igor Pro 6.00 or later, to check if you have the latest version, in Igor choose Updates for Igor from the Help menu.

You can also view release notes that list changes since Igor Pro 6.1 and since Igor Pro 6.20 shipped.




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