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(October 6, 1999 - Igor Mailing List)

Attention all writers of long Igor procedures:

A new era of Igor programming is upon us! The world will never be the same again! More useful than an automatic bread machine! More fun than a flock of uber geese! Operators are standing by!

Or at least, servers are online...

Jens Rumberg and Kevin Boyce announce version 1.0 of the Igor Progress Window XOP. If you write Igor procedures that take a long time, now you can display the progress as it happens, and even add a button if you like ("cancel", "pause", "stop", or whatever you feel like). It's even pretty easy to use, and comes with a demo file containing enough examples to get you going.

For Igor Pro 6 on Macintosh:


For Windows:



We also have the XOP source code available:




Thanks to Howard Rodstein for getting me (Kevin) started quickly, and to Jim Prouty for loading it onto the FTP archive.

Hope this proves useful for some of you. Enjoy! --


Kevin Boyce




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