John Marsh's Nifty Igor Experiments

Igor user John Marsh has created a package of nifty Igor experiments for use by students in physics class. EasyDataPlot adds a simplified user interface on top of Igor Pro 3 and allows the user to make XY plots and do curve fitting without learning anything about Igor. EasyFunctionPlot does the same for function plotting. 1DMotion, ProjectileMotion and SoundSynthesis present neat simulations.


The Fit Data dialog box of EasyDataPlot


EasyFunctionPlot Screen Shot


EasyDataPlot Screen Shot


You can learn more about John's projects by visiting his SUNY Institute of Technology Web site. His experiments are available from the User Contributions directory of our anonymous FTP site.

We have posted the experiments individually on the FTP archive. The names of the files containing the experimenta are,,,, and SoundSynthesis.pxt.




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