Closing graphs/tables without confirmation?

Sorry if I missed it, but I cannot find a good way to close the graphs/tables which tend to accumulate in the interface. Is there a way to close the graph (such that I can delete the wave) without confirming every time?

Or, better, if I close a wave, can it automatically close all the graphs/table in use?

On Windows, if you hold Ctrl+Alt while clicking the close box, Igor will not put up the Save Recreation Macro dialog. On Macintosh, that would be Cmd+Option.

The shortcut works this way as well: Ctrl+Alt+w or Cmd+Option+w.

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You can also use the /k=1 flag for commands like display,edit,newImage, which avoids the confirmation in all cases

The "killWindow" command also works. Moreover, it's straightforward to write a function to kill a batch of windows by looping through the window names returned by the "winlist" command and calling the killwindow command on each of them in turn.

With Igor 8, you can use the window browser to select multiple windows and then kill them all at once. The kill/close button behaves similarly to the close button of an individual window. By default you'll be asked if you want to save a recreation macro for each window, unless the window was created with /K=<some values>. But if you hold the Alt or Shift key when clicking the close button in the Window browser, you'll get the same behavior as if you had held that button when clicking the close button of an individual window.