Matching different Gizmos' viewing angles

I often want to look at different 3-D surfaces displayed in separate Gizmos, and view them from the same angle. Here is a tiny, quick-and-dirty aid to doing that.

function GizMatch(sGizmo0, sGizmo1) // match Gizmo Euler viewing angles,
    string sGizmo0, sGizmo1     // Gizmo window names (strings)

    GetGizmo/N=$sGizmo0 curRotation
    ModifyGizmo/N=$sGizmo1 euler={gizmoEulerA, gizmoEulerB, gizmoEulerC}

More ambitious users can also use the same basic commands, along with window hook functions, to get the viewing match to occur continuously as one Gizmo is manually rotated.

Note that in Igor 7 and above, you can right click on a Gizmo window and select from the "Rotate to Match" or "Sync to Gizmo" submenus to accomplish the above. 

Thanks, Adam. It's hard for me to keep up with all the continuing improvements.




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