"Sticky" Change Wave Scaling Dialog Box Method

I have a case where I am needing to change the scaling on five or six waves. Each scaling is different. I find that using the menu with the dialog box is tedious ... each wave requires that I recall the menu + dialog box.

I can see the case here for an option that "sticks" the Change Wave Scaling dialog box while one accumulates all desired changes would be nice. Multiple disjoint changes could then be done either via To Cmd Line or perhaps via a button option APPEND TO CLIP (where the requisite ";" is post-pended as needed). Alternatively, a multi-selection + setting method equivalent to the dialog box for Display or AppendToGraph would be helpful.
That would make the dialog more complex and would be a lot of work for us.

I think using the command line might be a better solution.
hrodstein wrote:
That would make the dialog more complex ....

How about just an additional checkbox on the dialog that says "Remain Open After Do It?" (or equivalent -- see attached), with the sole function when checked being to keep the dialog box from automatically closing after Do It.

hrodstein wrote:
... and would be a lot of work for us. ..

Just a thought ... I have no idea what might otherwise be happening behind it all that requires the dialog to be closed and then have to be reopened manually for each wave scaling change.

J. J. Weimer
Chemistry / Chemical & Materials Engineering, UAHuntsville
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