Autoscaling graphs - hidden traces with error bars

Could not find a similar issue, so I will query here as to whether this is a bug, or whether I am misunderstanding how hidden traces work.

When hiding a trace on a normal graph, there is the option to either have the axes autoscale to just the visible traces with 

modifygraph hidetrace(waveRef) = 1

or alternately to autoscale the axes even including the hidden trace, ie 

modifygraph hidetrace(waveRef)=2

However, this doesn't work if the waveRef in question has error bars included. If the hidden trace has an errorbar added, ie

errorbars waveRef y,pct=2
errorbars waveRef y, wave=(errorwave1,errorwave2)

then the behaviour of the plot is as if the trace was included in the autoscale (ie hidetrace=2, even if 1 is specified).


Is this the desired behaviour of the hidetrace option?




And now, finally, after over 3 days of power loss, I have managed to fix this bug. The next nightly build of both Igor 8 and 9 will have the fix.