Baselines Function Compilation Error

Hi, I'm encountering a function compilation error when I try to use Tony's baseline fitting package. I use Igor Pro 6.37 and the baseline version I'm using is IGOR.6.30.x-3.13.

The error occurs in the function: BL_appendToSameAxes on the following line

offset = offset ? GetNumFromModifyStr(s_info,"offset","{",1) : 0

What could I do to get the baseline package to work? Perhaps I installed it incorrectly? I simply copied the Baslines.ipf file into my User Procedures folder. Nothing has shown up in the Macros menu.

Thanks for any help!

Screenshot of error message

Ah, the release note for the version 3.14 of the baselines package is "adds missing include statement for ReadbackModifyString", so it looks like that's the problem. Unfortunately support for Igor 6 ends with the version that you're using. So the solution is to add the missing include statement to the baselines procedure file:

#include <Readback ModifyStr>

I strongly recommend an upgrade to the current version of Igor!

Here is a version similar to version 3.20 that compiles in Igor 6. Please replace the file Baselines.ipf with this one. This is definitely end-of-the-line for Igor 6 compatibility!

Thank you very much Tony! I used the version you posted and it works. I'm seriously considering upgrading to the latest Igor version. I'm using the Igor license that my lab has, but it's terribly frustrating to use Igor 6. 

Well, it turned out that it was more-or-less compatible up to version 3.2, just a couple of lines to delete and a change to the IgorVersion pragma. It took longer to locate Igor6 than to fix the procedure.