Creating image plot with multiple scalings

Hi all,

I want to create a image plot with 20 waves. Each wave has 5000 points but different scaling. For example the first wave has a scaling with a delta of 0.006 and the last wave has a scaling with a delta of 0.002.

Can someone help me?


Set the x and y scaling for each of your waves.  Then display one of the waves and append the others using the builtin calculated values for x and y you set from scaling.  Important to note: That if the image X and Y ranges overlap then you will see only top image.


Thanks for the help.

Can you explain how i can change the X and Y ranges or where i can find a solution for this problem?


In Menu

Data>Change Wave Scaling...

You can set the X and Y scaling (ranges of your wave).  The top pop let's you select X or Y. You can also choose by point or range.

I would suggest you spend a bit of time understanding wave scaling.  This is a very important underlying feature of IP and extremely powerful.  Basically you embed the ranges into your wave for example your image that 640 x 480 pixels. I can set the X scale to go from 0 to 13.2 and the Y go from 2 to 47.  I can then use the calculated X & Y values

SetScale/I x 0,13.2,"", test
SetScale/I y 2,47,"", test
test = sin(x)*cos(y)
Now if you look at the image the x range (top axis) goes from 0 to 13.2 and the y range (left axis)goes from 2 to 47.  I just needed to do the new image command on test.



Are you saying that you have 20 1D waves, and you want to combine them into a single image? Or do you have 20 2D waves and you want 20 images?