Deletepoints from 2D wave


I am looking for syntax to use deletepoints function to delete points from a 2D wave. The help on deletepoints doesn't have enough details.

Thanks in advance.

Please tell us more. What exactly do you want to delete? Rows? Columns? Multiple? One?

To delete column 5 from a matrix:

DeletePoints/M=1 5, 1, matrixwave

To delete row 5:

DeletePoints/M=0 5, 1, matrixwave

Since the zero dimension (rows) is default, the second one doesn't need the /M=0 flag, but it doesn't hurt.

Replace "matrixwave" with the actual name of your matrix.

I want to delete just one point or may be just a few. Don't want to delete whole row or a column.


You can't do that to a matrix. If you delete one point from a row, what happens to the last column?

Or do you want to replace that element with something like Nan?

I see your point. Then I guess I have to convert the 2D wave to 1D waves and then delete points separately in each wave.

If you're using Igor 7 or later, you can use the SplitWave operation to easily split a multidimensional wave into multiple lower dimensional waves (in your case, 2D->1D).

And I see now that you asked a different question about SplitWave, so I guess you already know about it :)