Display Part of Wave in Table

Hi All,

I am running into an issue that seems like it should be simple to solve but I can't figure out.  I would like to display a portion of a wave in a table so that I may compare it with another wave.  The caveat is that I can't simply duplicate a portion of the wave because edits made in the table must be reflected in the original wave.  Let me give an example of what I mean:

Say we have two waves:

Make/O/N=5 wave1=p; Make/O/N=8 wave2 = p

The following command I would hope works, but does not, is

Edit wave1, wave2[0,5]

This would theoretically display two columns of data that are both 5 points long and if I changed the 0th point in wave2 in the table it would also change that same point in the wave.  Syntax similar to this works with AppendToGraph wave2[0,5] which is why I tried it.

Basically I am looking for a suggestion of a way to display part of a wave in a table in such a way that when edits are made in the table those edits are reflected in the original wave.  I have thought about trying to use dependent waves or hook functions to update another wave after editing a cell but have run into roadblocks there as well.

Any suggestions are welcome!



Basically I am looking for a suggestion of a way to display part of a wave in a table

Igor does not support that. The closest you can come is to display the wave in two separate tables which, if you want, could be subwindows in a control panel.


Given Wave1 and Wave2 (longer), with a desire to "match" the edit ranges, I might also suggest creating a function that will a) extract that portion of Wave2 desired to a new wave WaveX, b) make Wave2 dependent on WaveX, and c) show Wave1 and WaveX (extracted) side-by-side in a table. The only trick I see to overcome is making the dependency referenced on a limited wave range (I don't remember the restrictions on dependency functions well enough).