Easily hide/unhide error bars?


I am trying to find out if there is any easy way to hide error bars for all waves and then unhide them. I have graph with some number of waves, where all waves have error bars. When distracting, user wants checkbox to hide them - and also unhide them. As far as I can say, there is no single line command to hide/unhide error bars. There are single commands to do lots of things to all waves in a graph, but not error bars. 

I wrote solution, but it enumerates over all waves in the graph and sets for each errorbars/T=0/L=0. Unluckily, it works only for Igor 8 as it uses nochange keyword. It is bit ugly and seems needlesly complicated. Any Igor 7 solution I could think of was lot more complicated...

Am I missing something simple & obvious? 

How about this:

* Duplicate the trace wave

* Append the duplicate as points of zero size

* Add the error bars to the duplicate NOT to the source itself

* Show/Hide the trace with the error bars.

So, for a trace called "mywave", have a trace called "errors_mywave". Just show/hide the errors_mywave trace.

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That is option. I was wondering about getting recreation macro and pulling out ErrorBars lines, modifying those lines (add /L=0/T=0 or /L=1/T=1)  and running those on the graph. That has some advantages - keeps error bars ONLY on waves which had them in the first place, would work for any standard X/Y graph. And work for Igor 7... 

But again, seems quite complicated. I am wondering if I really forgot about something trivial/simple/easy. Like a dream switch for ErrorBars : hide=1 or hide=0 which I cannot find in the manual ;-)