Getting information about the dates for the current experiment?

Is there any way to get information about these specifications for an experiment?

* Data Created

* Date Last Opened

* Date Modified (or Last Saved)

I might have hoped to use an equivalent to ExperimentInfo.

I don't know about the second one, but for the first and third try this:

function getDates()
    GetFileFolderInfo/Q/Z/P=home igorinfo(12)
        print Secs2Time(V_creationDate,3)+" on "+Secs2Date(V_creationDate,-2)
        print Secs2Time(V_modificationDate,3)+" on "+Secs2Date(V_modificationDate,-2)


On a mac the date last opened can be found by querying the metadata attributes for the file using the unix command mdls and the kMDItemLastUsedDate attribute name.

@Chozo -- Thank you. The code does what I need. @Tony -- Chozo's solution is better, being platform agnostic.

Yes, but GetFileFolderInfo doesn't give you "Date Last Opened". For that you may need platform-specific solutions.

I've decided to forgo the documenting the Date Last Opened in respect to a more immediate need to be platform agnostic (and in light that my envelope of available time+resources does not include exploring how to program this option on Windows systems).

I also might hope that WM may be inclined in a future update to include a way to get Date Experiment Last Opened information, e.g. via a return from IgorInfo.