Import Floating Point TIFF


using the /F-flag with the ImageSave procedure I can save floating point TIFFs without normalization. However, I do not find any way to open again. ImageLoad does not know the /F-flag and normalizes my files when opening. Is there any way to re-open floating point TIFFs with Igor?

Hello Alex,

You do not need to add /F in ImageLoad. The TIFF file contains the full description of the data stored in it so the correct waves are created when you read it in. You can try the following:

Make/n=(100,100) ddd=x*y
ImageSave/T="TIFF"/F ddd
ImageLoad/T=TIFF ddd

I hope this helps,

WaveMetrics, Inc.
Ok, thank you very much! Now it works!

I thought I tried it before, but I suppose I used /F in conjunction with /D=16 and then integer 16-bit-TIFFs have been created.